Hello! My name is Melanie and my daughter is Brooklynn. Every year we travel; somewhere, everywhere, we just go. Typically we always head down South during Canada’s cooler months. Throughout the late Spring, Summer and early Fall we are at the cottage up in St. Ola. Similar to other small towns you blink and it’s gone. Occasionally, we will take a trip to Alberta to see my brother and his family, but if my little girl had to choose she would always choose South.

As a single mom, her and I spend a lot of time together, but nothing beats our time together when we travel. She’s had her passport for a few years now and I’ve taken her somewhere new each year and this year we will be off again. Although, the destination is still unknown. We can’t agree between St. Lucia(Brooklynn) again or Jamaica(me). There’s still time to decide, but in the mean time we’re going to take you the readers where we have been since we’ve started travelling.

This blog will mostly be about our adventures from around the world, where ever we head out too. Occasionally there will be other posts even if they’re just a day at the park. Nothing gives me more joy than to show off my little girl and how happy she makes me on a regular basis. Most of my social media accounts can account to this.

We invite you to read about our adventures and comment if you would like too. We will always post pictures, a video or two also if she will let me. Cheers.