St. Lucia 2016

I asked my daughter which vacation to write about for this post, and she decided I should write about the trip to St. Lucia we took in 2016. Her reasoning was simple; it was the best vacation we’ve taken together. I have to agree with her on that.

Choosing which hotel is always the biggest problem. Google is my best friend and the review sites. I always read all of them, which in itself is a task, but a necessity when I want to know what other parents thought of a resort. I will automatically ignore the reviews that complain about bland food or food that is too spicy. Any complaints about an unclean beach are looked at closely to see if they complained about the evening or morning cleanliness.

Food is subjective at resorts since the food has to be bland to make as many people happy as possible since most people don’t like spicy food. Which brings me to the complaints about spicy food, it’s usually because some dishes are made with ingredients from the country you’re visiting and don’t agree to every palate. The resort at St. Lucia was a resort that had the perfect food, bland yes, but to my daughter and my thrill; there were plenty of spices to choose from.

St. Lucia has to be the cleanest island I’ve been too, in my eighteen years of travelling south of the border. The beaches were kept clean, although they’re cleaned every night. The streets were also clean, even the gutters, which is unusual. Even in Oshawa, where we have city workers who clean and rinse out the gutters couldn’t contend with St. Lucia. Walking the streets around town was beautiful to see how spotless they keep them.

Also, most people think travelling to St. Lucia is expensive, which unfortunately it is. But you can always find great deals if you’re willing to look for them. Flying with a child can be frustrating and expensive, let alone to an island that is known to be pricy. When you’re looking for trips, especially to the more expensive islands always ask your travel agent for when the best deals will be on. If you remain loyal to your travel agents, they will tell you! You can’t pay them enough for their expertise and finding out about the upcoming deals. Give them as many details as you can about what you want and you’ll be surprised what they can find for you.


Sun is the air

Close your eyes and think of the sun hitting your face, the sound of the waves and the taste of the salt water. This time of the year it’s our dream.

We dream of travelling and getting away from the winter that seems to drag on this time of the year. Going some place warm is our ideal. This time two years ago Brooklynn and I travelled to San Juan, Dominican Republic. She had, had enough of the winter weather and requested we go South. Being the generous but heat seeking mom I am, we started looking at resorts. The usual argument commenced where Brooklynn wanted to go to the Dominican Republic and I wanted to go to Jamaica.

Of course, Brooklynn won and off to the Dominican Republic we went too. A favourite among other tourists, it’s not hard to see why. We stayed at the Bahia Principe in San Juan and it was gorgeous. From the sandy, clear beaches to the brightly painted buildings she couldn’t have been happier. We got lucky and it also appeared to the be the time when most parents took their children South.

This joy encouraged her to try the catamaran for the first time. Although Brooklynn is used to boats as we have a cottage, she had yet to be on a boat like this. The nets at the front of the boat for us to suntan and watch the waves below thrilled her immensely. The steep stairs to the bathrooms not so much. She still had a blast and made more friends on the boat then I thought possible for being the only child on it.

Brooklynn enjoyed the kids programs, though she wouldn’t leave me to go play during the day there, she took full advantage of the events before the night show just for kids. The staff were amazing with all the children and learned their names by heart. This brought big smiles from all of the children when their favourite host would come up to them in the mornings.

The views were picturesque at this time of the year. There is nothing like leaving the snow and going to the hot sand and flowers in full bloom. Thankfully the drive from the resort was not far, but even then the driver still stopped to give the passengers a taste of the food before arriving at the resort. Also, allowing the children to stretch their legs a bit.

This was a dream vacation for the travelling duo. Tune in next time when we showcase St. Lucia which unbelievably was reasonably priced last year. Or maybe we will get lucky and take a trip to paradise before I write again.